The Frenchtown Civic Organization was established in 1958 by a group of leaders of the Honduras, Altona, and Demarara areas to serve as a liaison and advocate for the people of this area in matters of civic and community interest and concern. During these years the organization has advocated for better roads, better garbage pickup, bus service, recreational facilities upgrade, elimination of slum and blight, excessive noise, too many bars and myriad of other community concerns. We have offered educational financial aid to our brightest and best, given annual Thanksgiving baskets to our elderly, and assisted needy families with burial costs of relatives. In addition we also sponsor the annual lighting of our Christmas tree, distribution of toys, and sponsor the traditional celebration of Bastille Day.

The Frenchtown Civic Organization requested use and control of the Olive-Bernier Clinic. The clinic was built in the early 1950's as a fire station. It has since been used as a kindergarten and health clinic. In 1995, Hurricane Marilyn destroyed the roof and it had been an eyesore and a hazard to our residents.

We have restored the building to its former historic and architectural design. We opened the building to the PUBLIC as a museum, with a display of several dozen pieces of Virgin Islands relics. We feature the French West Indian Crafts preserved from the French Communities in the Virgin Islands. We have added attraction as a "must see" for tourists while touring our island and return Frenchtown as a unique stop for taxi drivers to show off our culture and traditions. Preserved for our youth, Arts and Crafts along with actual training and display of items they may never see other than descriptions on the internet. We have eliminated one piece of public property for government maintenance and allow the government to save that money while providing a community service. Preservation of the names of the honorees, Mrs. Florina Olive and Ms. Mercidita Bernier, for whom the building was named after.

This was the intent of the legislation by promoting and highlighting their contributions to the community. The Frenchtown Civic Organization is the standard bearer of French culture and civic contributors for more than forty years. They have a proven track record of professional performance. They are a non-profit civic organization, registered with the Office of the Lt. Governor. Our membership has demonstrated a sense of pride and dedication to their community by continuously striving to improve way of life for all the residents of the surrounding area. We have the membership of retired citizens with a "sprit de corp" to see the project become a reality and another successful contribution to our islands.

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